Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review: Hold Back The Stars

Hold Back The Stars Hold Back The Stars by Katie Khan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As others have said on this book, it was pure romance, despite the post-apocalytpic, future space setting.

That being said, I wasn't mad about it. Despite its less than complex nature, it was entertaining and left me interested. The dystopian/utopian aspect of the worldbuilding was fascinating, although I wish that Khan had delved more into this piece.

The characters were fine, but I would argue that they were slightly surface level in nature and Khan could have done more to develop them fully. It felt like some of their characterization came from the nature of their relationship and romance, rather than from Carys and Max as separate individuals, which is certainly a big pet peeve.

I think the part that I liked best came toward the end when Khan attempted (view spoiler). I thought that this technique added an extra layer of tension and interest to an otherwise simple novel.

My biggest negative would be a lack of any forward motion in the action in the present moment. Most of the novel was told in flashbacks, which is fine, but the flashforwards to present seemed unnecessary because nothing was happening, and the dialogue seemed overdramatic and circular.

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