Thursday, October 22, 2015

Life Update

Wow, there's been a lot happening, and yet at the same time, not much at all. This is just a little update to let anyone out there know that I'm here, I'm thinking about the blog, and I'm brainstorming what I want to do.

So that I have have it in writing, I'll spell out my mini-manifesto. 

Side-note: have you ever noticed that whenever a blogger pauses blogging and tries to get back in to it, they feel the need to explain why they were gone? And not only that, but they feel the need to a) promise a change and/or b) reiterate what the updated version of the blog/posting schedule/posting topics will be? It's an interesting study into the human psyche, I think. We have this self-centered idea that someone out there is paying so much attention to what we write that they need this explanation. Also, the prickling need to define what exactly it is that we will be posting, to define this blog as "this kind of blog" is fascinating. It's a desire to label something, instead of letting it happen freeform. 

Anyway, all that aside, that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

  1. Obviously, continuing to focus on book reviews. Reading is a huge part of my life, and thus a huge part of my blog and that will never change
  2. Potentially changing to a week/month in review format for many things. Keeping track of movies/TV watched, books read, fitness, etc. 
  3. Still including cool links, cool music, cool recommendations. I like keeping track of it.
  4. Speaking of music, I'd like to continue my old trend of creating playlists. I've fallen out of practice but I'd like to get back into it! Finding new music is so fun.
  5. Did I mention I've been running quite a bit? I'd like to explore my workouts more, discuss my races, etc. Should be fun!
  6. Other than that, I know there's always this pressure to post and then this discussion with ourselves (as bloggers) on how we're not going to put that pressure on and we're going to post as we like. Yup, I'm gonna say that too. Sometimes I feel like blogging and honestly, sometimes I just don't. So there. 
So, more to come (maybe?).

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