Friday, March 6, 2015

Top 10 Favorite Apps

Finding new apps has been one of my favorite things in the past couple weeks. Some of them are just silly and for fun, but I love finding things that can actually make my life easier. Besides, the obvious, here are some of my new favorites.

  1. Zite: While it may not be perfect, I really like the way that this app curates articles for me to read. I always skim through it to check and see if anything interested pops up
  2. TED: If I need a pick me up, I check out the TED app for a quick talk that will be sure to perk me up. 
  3. Goodreads: An obvious pick for this bookworm, but sometimes I just need to quickly rank that book I read so I don't forget!
  4. OverDrive: The app that I use to download audiobooks from my local library; an absolute must. 
  5. Mint: Thank God for this app. Being financially responsible is an ongoing learning process, but Mint has taught me so much about my own spending habits and makes sure that I'm holding myself accountable for my purchases!
  6. QuizUp: Just for fun. I know Trivia Crack is the big thing right now, but I really prefer QuizUp personally. 
  7. Clue: Um, yeah. This is essential for remembering that time of the month. A lifesaver because I'm so forgetful!
  8. Songza: I'm a music buff and I listen to music while working at the college, so Songza is a lifesaver. I usually don't like when other people curate playlists (I prefer to pick my own), but they just have so many options! It's great. 
  9. Bond: Ok, this is a fun one that I don't see around much but helps me out immensely! I am notoriously bad at texting and social media- I have gotten chewed out for not responding and for good reason (I really am bad). With Bond, I set alerts to go off to remind me to text my friends and family!
  10. Evernote/Google Drive: I always have projects and notes open that I'm in the middle of working on, for work and for fun. Google Drive is where I keep the writing that I'm working on, and Evernote is for little notes and fun projects. I love being able to access them from wherever I am.

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