Friday, March 13, 2015

How Do You Keep All Your Notes Organized?

Combine Pocket with Evernote for a Clutter-Free, Paperless System
My dream organizational flow chart... plus a few more

I love keeping organized and taking notes. I have notes on things I want to do, blog posts I want to write, story ideas, project notes, and more, and these notes keep growing. On the other hand, I love keeping organized. But all my tools for organization are starting to run into each other.

Originally, I hand wrote everything. Physically writing down notes is still my favorite- it feels more personal and you get the satisfaction of crossing things off as you go. But then what if I forget my notebook? And hand writing takes so long...

So I integrated Google Drive. Google Drive is perfect because it acts as a Word document (allowing me to write longer documents) but allows me to access the information from anywhere. And it has spreadsheets!

Ok, great. But now I find Evernote. Those little notes and reminders that seemed silly to put in their own Google Doc? They go perfectly in Evernote. But am I getting to the point now where I am implementing too many devices? Are my notes landing in too many places?

So, here's a question to any readers out there. If you use multiple note applications or tools, how do you integrate them? How do you keep them organized?

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