Friday, February 27, 2015

A Typical Day in the Life

A lot of people ask me how I maintain my current schedule and keep sane. The simple answer? I can't. The more complex answer is in this post.

3:20 am: Wake up, moan and groan a lot, check my phone for key updates, read the Daily Skimm, get out of bed and get ready for work
3:40 am: Off to work! I usually listen to the radio on the way in, to keep me awake and get motivated for the day ahead
4:00 am: Arrive at work and get down to business! At work, I listen to audiobooks while I unpack the new clothes and cosmetics, which allows me to get so much of my reading done.
9:00 am: Done with the first job of the day. I head home to run Ruby around, watch some Netflix (or blog), eat lunch and get changed for the next part of the day.
12:00 pm: Leave for my next job! I have an hour commute, so I have to plan what I'll listen to carefully. Depending on my mood (and how good the book that I'm listening to is at that time), I'll either jam to some music or plug my audiobook back in.
1:00 pm: Arrive at the community college, ready to help students get ready to start school
5:00 pm: Day is finally over! Another hour long commute with the same structure (although a little more traffic)
6:00 pm: I'm home for the day, finally. If there's a hockey game that has been recorded, that's the first thing I turn on when I walk in the door (the games start at 7pm on the east coast, so 4pm here). If not, I usually catch up on some Jeopardy or a movie while I'm eating dinner and winding down.
8:00 pm: Head upstairs and get ready for bed. Watch some more Netflix to wind down.
8:30 or 9:00 pm: Lights out! Another day down.

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