Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Wish I Had Time To...

Welcome to the newest feature on the blog: things that I wish I could do, if I didn't work two jobs, live off of barely enough sleep, and toeing the line of getting sick all the time. 

In today's installment, I wish I had time to decorate my room. I'm awful at keeping things organized, let alone having the time and creativity to decorate it, but I wish I did.

In college I had a photo wall with pictures and letters from my friends. I transferred part of it to my wall at home, but it's sort of the lovably ratchet version of this one by the Free People Blog:
I recently got a gorgeous ombre tribal print comforter to cover my bed and some perfect throw pillows, but the next step would be to organize all my books. Wow, what an accomplishment that would be.

My room needs some life, you guys! I need to buy some cute trinkets and accessories, some clocks and artwork and little twinky-dinks to make myself happy! If only I had the time...

Um, can this just be my room?

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