Saturday, December 13, 2014

When My Score Matches My Rating

Obviously, I'm a big fan of analytical scores. You can tell just by reading one of my reviews that I love analyzing my different aspects: giving them numerical values, averaging them together and coming up with a number out of 10 that represents my thoughts on the novel, and then converting that to stars.

I am anal about this system. Sometimes, however, it requires tweaking. Every so often, my rankings in the categories and their average scores do not come out to equal how I felt about a novel. In the course of writing the review, I discover that I didn't really like a novel as much as I thought I did, or that I liked it more.

But sometimes, I find that my score matches perfectly. And that's pure gold. It makes me nervous to be adding up the scores, thinking "What if I was completely off on either my score or my star rating"? But recently, while reviewing The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, my numerical score matched perfectly and I found myself thinking, "I'm pretty cool with my rating system". 

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