Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Summary

What I Did

  • Nordstrom asked me to work mornings this week to help out on stock so I was working 5am-10am and then 1pm-5pm. Tuesday was the worst because I wasn't able to sleep the night before and ended up absolutely exhausted by the time I got to my second job. I might become addicted to coffee if I'm not careful. This is a big concern.
  • My cousins came into town on Thursday night, but I didn't even get to see them until Friday evening! Crazy
  • My family also made some amazing Cheesy Bacon Pierogies on Thursday night. I found the recipe on the blog, A Beautiful Mess. They were amazing (if a lot of work), so I recommend trying them out!
  • I've mentioned that I've been reading a lot of audiobooks but I recently downloaded Overdrive Media Consule and it changed my life. Literally so amazing! Library + app = amazing. I listen to my audiobooks on my hour commute to and from work, and during work at Nordstrom when I'm unpacking stock. So, I've been finishing a lot of audiobooks lately. Yay!

What I Read

  • Through to You
  • The Future of Us
  • Pure
  • Just Like The Movies

What I Watched

  • I honestly didn't have a lot of time to watch anything recently! Hopefully that changes next week

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