Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing.... Marley!

Hey guys! I'm back with some more very exciting news. A couple weeks ago, another sorority sister moved in with me and my parents because she got a job up here in Portland! Well, needless to say, I converted her to the book blogging world pretty quickly, especially once she figured out that Maddy and I were both on here. After a look around the blog, she decided she'd like to give it a try! So, I'd like to introduce you to...


Marley and I lived together in the sorority house for three years and were a pair of troublemakers! We were both on our sorority's executive council and got very close our senior year when we were some of the few seniors living in the house. Now she's my post-grad roommate!
Marley was a history major at UO and likes reading a variety of genres. Thursday is now her official "day to post" so expect to see some posts from her in the future with the intro: "Marley's Review".

Give a big welcome to Marley!

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