Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
This week's theme is Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books By

Conveniently, I just created an Excel spreadsheet of every book I own, so I know EXACTLY how many books by each author I own.
  1. Straight up, Tamora Pierce. I own every single book she's ever written
  2. J.K. Rowling: Obviously I own the whole Harry Potter series
  3. Virginia Woolf. I took an Honors College class freshman year that was focused on her writing and I did a huge research project on her works. 
  4. Meg Cabot. I'm relatively surprised that she's in my top ten, but I guess all of her Princess Diaries books still inhabit my shelves so....
  5. Shakespeare. Yup, typical English major, but I have multiple volumes of his complete works along with plenty of single books.
  6. Stephanie Meyer. Wow, this is embarrassing. You can tell by the fact that she's on this list that I don't have many authors that I buy everything from, because just by owning the Twilight series and The Host, she makes it onto my top ten. 
  7. James Patterson: Yeah, I used to love the Maximum Ride series
  8. I love reading Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Her books always capture me in their story and I've read a lot more than I own.
  9. Obviously, F. Scott Fitzgerald is on this list, given that I wrote my senior thesis this past year on him.
  10. There's a bunch tied for third, which include Jane Austen, Suzanne Collins, Lisa McMann, Libba Bray and Kathy Reichs.
What about you guys? Do you own all the books of a particular author? 


  1. I am glad that I am not the only one with Shakespeare hidden on my shelf! I also have all of the Harry Potters (I had to!). Great list!
    My TTT

    1. Of course not! The English major requirement! And, obviously, HP had to be on there.

  2. +JMJ+

    I own all of Jane Austen's finished books--a fact which surprises me a little! She's not my favourite classic author, but my classics shelf begs to differ. =P

    In general, I don't try to buy every book by even my favourite authors, because if I really love a writer, I like to think that some of his books are still in my future, making it brighter. LOL! There are series that I abruptly stopped reading right in the middle, because I didn't want to get any closer to running out of books. I only finished Harry Potter because of peer pressure. On the other hand, there was something really addictive about Twilight, once I finally got into it. I'm glad I'm finished with that series and it's good enough to know that I can reread my favourite passages at any time. =)

    1. Isn't that interesting when you don't think you're a big fan of an author but you end up having a ton of their works?