Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday Summary

What I Did

  • I started my job at the local community college on Monday! It's been a super exciting transition and I'm thrilled to have a job in an industry that I want to work in. 
  • I went for my first run in forever on Thursday. It was quite honestly embarrassing how little I could run, but I'm just excited to get started again. Wilson came with me and he was struggling more than I was, so I felt a little better. Of course, he's working on 10 years old, so....
  •  This week was pretty mentally draining, just because I am learning the new job that has so many things to learn! And the work week isn't over just because it's the weekend! I am working at Nordstrom Saturday and Sunday

What I Read

What I Watched

  • Dad and I watched School of Rock on Saturday. If you say that isn't one of those classics that you laugh at every single time, then you're lying to yourself. I'm not a huge Jack Black fan, but GOD that movie is so funny
  • A bunch of Four Weddings just to have something in the background while I work on blogging or studying the course catalog for my new job
  • I started watching Game of Thrones again, because re-watching a show that I've already seen before is definitely the best use of my time... Still, I can't resist!

What I Listened to 

  • I actually downloaded an audiobook for the first time in forever! I have a pretty long commute now so I thought I would put it to use and get in some more reading!

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