Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Summary

What a week! My parents were out of town so it was just me and this cutie together for the whole week:
Behold, Wilson at his finest: eating peanut butter
5am shifts at work continued and it was hard to stay motivated knowing that I had the Fourth of July off. I finished Entourage, which I binge-watched on HBO-Go like a champ.

I finished four books this week which was an acceptable amount given that I watched SO MUCH TV on Sunday and Monday. I'm really embarrassed to even admit how much, you guys.

I always forget how much I miss my parents when they're gone. We are very close, but like any kid, my parents get on my nerves. Still, I'm an only child and I realize how lonely it can be without my parents at home. Makes me nervous for moving out. :)

Today, I worked at installing a new design for my blog, which I nabbed for free from Lovebird Creative Studio. I am obviously not a design genius, so I always appreciate pretty, free designs I can use. Because I was curious though, I visited Code Academy and am now busying myself with learning HTML and CSS. Things that I recognized but had no idea what they did are finally beginning to make sense, although I have a long way to go. If anyone has suggestions or tips, let me know!

Anyway, hope everyone else's week was wonderful!

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