Monday, September 19, 2011

In Other News...

I'm back at school! This is my lovely room in the sorority, which I'm sharing with one of my closest friends. I know it looks crazy right now, but just wait until it's all put together.
In related news, because I'm so busy and have so much stuff to do, posts will be fewer and honestly, probably lesser quality. However, I'm absolutely determined to keep up my reviewing through the school year no matter what. I also haven't changed my address for a lot of things, so most of the mail I'm getting is still directed toward my house, so no IMM for a while! I'm disappointed too, because I had a lot of fantastic books coming. The only solution is to tell my parents to bring them down next time they visit!
Also, be expecting my first giveaway coming up (relatively) soon! I'm hoping to jump aboard a blog hop and give you guys something nice that I can ship when I go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Anyway, I know that's a lot of personal stuff that probably isn't very interesting, but any update is a good update in my opinion.

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